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  1. Read the vacancy announcement and study the factors and weights, KSAs, or assessment criteria.
  2. Research the job. The position description is a good place to start.
  3. For positions that require assessment criteria, indicate in your application or attachment how your experience, training/education and awards relate to each factor in the assessment criteria.
  4. Draft your experience statements.

1. Start with current position.

2. Summarize experience.

3. Include pertinent volunteer experience.

4. Define work experience.

a.Duties -- Tasks you are paid to do; characterized by action verbs.

                            Examples: You audit; You inspect, etc.

b.Responsibility -- Involves some independence and judgment. Responsibility statements are followed by action-oriented statements. Example: I am responsible for establishing and implementing an inspection program.

c.Accomplishment -- Something that is "over and beyond" what is expected. Example: I devised a new filing system that eliminated the backlog in the branch, which allowed the branch to keep abreast of the filing system.

5. Target the impact.

          a. Is the experience pertinent to the job?         

          b. If yes, put it up front.

c. Emphasize those duties, responsibilities, accomplishments that have a direct bearing on the job.

d. Emphasize areas that enhance your competitive edge.

e. Reserve the "I" for statements that you want to draw attention.

    V. Fine tune your draft application.

  1. Review each statement and identify the aspects that enhance your qualifications.

  2. Do your responses raise unanswered questions--they should not.

   VI. Finalize your application.  

    1. Review for typographical or grammatical errors.
    2. Review for organization.

      a. Put in chronological order.

      b. Make it easy reading--does it flow? 

    3. Exclude position descriptions.
    4. Excluded abbreviations, acronyms and jargon.
    5. Ensure applications is complete, signed and dated.
    6. Does it represent you?

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